Feature Friday: “Call Me In 6 Months”

“Feature Friday” features blog posts / stories from DCDistrictDiva.com readers who are either currently participating in the 6-Months-No-Dating Pledge or have done so in the past and want to share their stories. […]
“Feature Friday” features blog posts / stories from DCDistrictDiva.com readers who are either currently participating in the 6-Months-No-Dating Pledge or have done so in the past and want to share their stories.   If you want to tell your 6-Months-No-Dating story on DCDistrictDiva.com, email it to diva@dcdistrictdiva.com. Here is the second featured post by blogger Meex.

Call Me In 6 Months

Prior to taking on the Call me in Six Months no dating pledge I was contemplating on starting a fast or giving up something to show my devotion to the Lord.
I wanted to sacrifice something that meant a lot to me- something that I would miss, in an effort to get closer to Him.  When the opportunity arose to read Your Knight in Shining Armor [editor’s note: order below!] and take the Six Month No Dating Pledge I knew God was speaking to me.  I just knew if I could do this one thing  for Him He would know without a doubt that He’s first in my life.  Let’s look at it this way:  I’m 27 years old, single with no prospects— not a one.  In our society a woman my age “can’t afford” to take a break from dating.  What if I miss my opportunity to find the one?  What if I end up a single woman with 20 cats because I didn’t devote my time and energy into finding Mr. Right?  I can’t lie- for the better half of my adult life I thought the same way.  I had the “time is running out” attitude.  What that led to was me going from one guy to the next looking for the one.  Each time I met someone new I devoted all my time and energy into developing my relationship with them.  It was me- just me.  God was had nothing to do with it.
This no dating pledge has been a extreme leap of faith for me.  It’s me putting faith into action and showing God that I can take 6 months off of dating and trust Him to supply my every need.  Instead of calling my significant other to keep me busy or fill the voids in my life I am now learning to lean on the Lord.  I haven’t quite perfected this at this point- but I’m enjoying the journey.  Not only has the Call Me in Six Months No Dating Pledge improved my relationship with God, but it’s also improving my relationships with my self and others.  The book that inspired  the pledge, Knight in Shining Armor, is not about rules, games or flirty little things that you can do to snag the man of your dreams.  It’s about purging yourself of all your fears, anxieties and setbacks so that YOU can be a better person for yourself and the Lord.  A true man of God isn’t going to be influenced by your looks or the way you dress but how you serve the Lord, and what type of attitude you project.  This book has given me many opportunities to take a look in the mirror and realize that I still have a lot of growing and developing to do.  I don’t want to get married for the sake of saying that I “belong” to someone.  I want to get married in the sense that God intended.  I want to serve my husband and serve the church.  I want someone who I can trust with my SOUL.  Not with my finances, not to take me out to fancy dinners and buy me pretty little  jewels but someone who will protect my heart, guard my soul and be the spiritual leader of my family.  A Knight in Shining Armor gives you the opportunity to take a step back and realize WHO God really wants you to be and WHAT God truly intended for our relationships with each other.
The more we tune in to God, the better off we’ll be.  This pledge has forced me to take a step back from everything else and tune in to the Lord.  It’s teaching me to conquer my fears and past hurts and find wholeness in Christ.  If you want to grow closer to Christ you have to take a leap of faith.  Will you trust the Lord with your finances?  With your job?  With your relationships?  How about with your love life?  That’s where most of us draw the line.  We don’t want God anywhere near our romantic relationships.  The truth of the matter is- that’s exactly where we need Him to be!  Take a leap of faith and take the pledge!  I can’t guarantee that Prince Charming will be sitting on your door step at the end of six months but I can guarantee that this book will change your life.
With love and blessings:

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