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On November 13, 2009, I wrote my very first blog post on  In that post, titled “Hope & a Future,” I wrote: Love. It’s the entire reason I uprooted […]

On November 13, 2009, I wrote my very first blog post on  In that post, titled “Hope & a Future,” I wrote:


It’s the entire reason I uprooted my comfortable, southern Georgia existence and moved to the District that never sleeps.

Now, before you write me off as one of “those” women, you should note that my love interest is not so much a man as he is a symbol, an ideal (you be the judge on whether that’s better or worse). I’ll end your suspense: the man is Barack Obama, and the symbol is hope. Hello, I am the District Diva, and I drank every drop of the Kool-Aid.

Yes I love Obama, but I love his wife more, and working for either would be the highlight of my 24-year-old life. In the mere months I’ve been working and playing in D.C., the closest I’ve been to either Obama is the motorcade that often drives past my flat in SW. But I do have the second-best job in the whole wide world working in a liberal’s paradise in DuPont. And I have no intention of leaving said paradise–unless of course the Obamas need a janitor.

So I have this fantabulous apartment near the waterfront, a career with a dream organization (& healthcare! yay for grown-up jobs!) family close by, and the loveliest friends. What else could a girl want? Being every ounce the diva, I want much much more.

After I conquer the goals in my current job, I figure I’ve got at least 3 years (7 if we’re lucky) to get into Obama’s West Wing, and plenty of time left over for love to find me.

And we’re back to love.

I am consistently fickle with men and relationships and love. But I am sure where my passions lay, and that is in politics and people and the ultimate idea of love. I know that I want love in its purest form. The forever kind. And I’m willing to grow to get it. And I’m ready to change to keep it.

Though I may dither, God is my constant, and He has promised me hope and a future. That at least means there is more ahead for me than the frogs I’ve kissed thus far, and that ALONE is reason to celebrate! And being in the political capital, just down the road from where hope lives, love could always be right around the corner.

What a difference three years makes.

I look back on that young woman, so hopeful yet so apprehensive about what was in store,  I finally understand Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”  As I look back on all the blessings He has unfolded for me during my time in D.C., I know He is telling the truth.  Everything that has happened to me — good and bad — has been for my good and for His glory.  All the time I spent worrying back then was an absolute waste because, though I didn’t know what the future held, God told me “I KNOW the plans I have for you!”   What else does one need to know, except that a) God has a plan; b) I’m in it; c) whatever comes to pass will be to prosper me and not to (ultimately) harm me and will give me hope and a future with Christ in Heaven.  What else is there?

As I start a new life in a new city with new goals, it is so wonderful to be able to look back on who I started out as in this city and how far God has brought me in such a short time.  As I embark on a new chapter, I can feel my apprehension melting away, because God and I have been at this intersection before.  He stood with me three years ago as I made a choice between fear and trusting Him, and He faithfully carried me through to the end of this chapter.  I am confident that He can and will do it again.

You’ve been so good to me, D.C.! I’ve enjoyed you so much and hope to keep ministering to you and you to me as I head to Paris for the summer an then New York!  In the meantime, take a look at my journey from DC District Diva to District Diva (around the world!) in this 4-minute video:



P.S. For all of those who were concerned: though I’m leaving D.C., I’m not leaving the internet! You may have noticed by now that reroutes to — another sign of God’s perfect timing! When I created my blog 3 years ago, was not available. When I checked again a few months ago, the domain had been freed up just for me!  How many times does God have to prove that He’s got everything under control?! In His good time, all that should be will be, from the smallest things like domain names to the biggest things like God-given purpose. Amen!


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